I care a lot.

Need to reach me? david [at] ulevitch [dot] com

How I spend my time


A startup in San Francisco that makes the Internet a safer and faster neighborhood. Started in 2005, we're now the largest in the world at what we do. I'm Founder / CEO / Janitor. We're backed by Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners. I am privileged to work with an amazing team of passionate technologists on some really great stuff. Come work with us!

How I used to spend my time


(For a long time, it was) The world's largest free DNS provider. I started it in 2001 and sold it at the very end of 2009.

California Community Colocation Project

A non-profit that I helped start with my collaborator David Weekly. We provide free, unencumbered Internet services to non-commercial entities (currently numbering around 140). Update 2/2007: After years and years of great service we have shut it down. Check out Cernio instead.

Washington University in St. Louis

I went to college here. I was an Anthropology major. College was good to me and I was good to my college.

Parting comments

I like everything about positively disruptive ideas — from conception and execution, to scaling and building repeatable engines of innovation. This is a never-ending journey.

When did youth sports stop keeping score? What happened to having winners and losers? I'm concerned these seemingly innocuous types of changes will have a profound societal impact over the long-term.

Success requires sacrifice — there's no satisfaction without first knowing pain.

You don't just get to win. It's special. Companies don't just get to win. It ain't like that. It's special. You've got to have a fire in your belly that tells you, "I want to to win in the worst way." (My words paraphrasing the amazing TPHS football coach, Ed Burke)

Now the good news is that last year they were juniors and we could come back and finish it. Men,they ain't juniors anymore. You are facing the toughest opponent that you will face this year. Tonight. Tonight. Not next week. There will be no next week unless you start believing that you have to play your best game tonight. I hope you're not content in being in the semi-final. I hope there is a burning desire in each and ever one of you for that special expericence that only takes place at Jack Murphy Stadium. Now you guys might think that we always go there because we've been there two years in a row. It ain't like that. It's special. People don't just don't go there. It's special. And you've got to have a fire in your belly that tells you I want to be there in the worst way. You can't be quiet. You can't be un-emotional. This is an emotional game. An emotional game. And we gotta have it from the heart. We gotta play with heart tonight guys. Now, you guys all understand what last play means. Last Play, you play every play as if it was the last play you will ever play. And if we don't play with emotion, if we don't play the last play on every play, it will be. There won't be a next week. Every play tonight. You play, you think about what that means. You think about what it means to be on your last play. This is my last play of football ever. My last play. How do I want it to be? How do I want to be remembered? My last play! Every play. Last Play on three. One, two, three. Last Play! One, two, three. Last Play! One, two, three. Last Play!